Here to help

For the “do it yourselfers”….

Most businesses are in business for one thing: make money. That is it. If they aren’t making money, then things are going wrong.

We are the same, but different. We are obviously a business, and not a charity – but the difference is – WE LOVE KEYBOARDS. We love the hobby of collecting them. We love fixing them. We love building and upgrading them for our customers.

There are a lot of people out there that know how to do the work we do. Granted, we come with a few decades worth of experience – but we were also “do it yourselfers” once upon a time. Sadly, we had to learn the hard way on most things.

That is why we have vowed to help. If you have questions – we have answers. Even if you aren’t a customer – even if you do not need our parts or service – if you are stuck on a problem with a mechanical keyboard – we can help you figure it out. Questioning the way you are trying to tackle a problem or the right tools or part to use?  – even if its parts we do not sell – we will help you, because we love keyboards. We ask for nothing in return but the opportunity to check us out the next time you might be in the market for a new mechanical keyboard.

So ask away – feel free to chat with us, hit us up on social media, email us below – however you need help – we will do what we can to help you solve your mechanical keyboard problems (and in this case – there is no such thing as a dumb question. We understand there are varying degrees of knowledge on the subject!) There is also a chat feature at the bottom right corner of every page that we generally answer pretty quickly on.

In the Houston area, and would like to watch your board being made? AWESOME! Hit us up and we’ll schedule a time to do it – you can come watch it go together, and ask questions along the way. (PS: Bring a sense of humor – we enjoy what we do!)

Would you like us to change out your switches?

Would you like to add hot swap sockets to your keyboard?

Would you like to upgrade and mod your stabilizers?

Would you like to change your keyboards case color?

Let Us Upgrade Your Current Keyboard

Not everyone has the budget for a brand new keyboard. Maybe you have a keyboard that you have strong feelings about and don't want to replace it (weird, but... we get it)

That is why our BYOK service exists. We take your keyboard, and make it BETTER. (seriously - a LOT better) Nothing highlights our services better than showing our customer a keyboard that they are familiar with, and then showing them what it SHOULD be like after we upgrade it.

Let Upgrade Keyboards show you what your current mechanical keyboard can truly be. We have a wide range of options for every mechanical keyboard on the market.

Tell us a little about what you would like to do, and what type of board you have, and we can give you a quote on the work you would like done. Then, you simply ship us your keyboard, we upgrade it, and send it right back to you!


PLEASE NOTE: Excessively dirty keyboards will have to undergo cleaning before service work, which will incur additional fees. If you believe your keyboard is questionable - contact us with images before sending your keyboard to us.

Artisan Hand Built

Buy a fully custom built keyboard and forget all of the sacrifices you've made with other brand names. Our expert craftsman build it by hand, right here in Texas, and do it exactly the way you want it. More keyboard sizes added all the time, so check back often!

Upgraded Brand Names

If you prefer something a little less customized, but still want to aim for perfection, then shop our upgraded mechanical keyboards. We keep a wide selection of prebuilt and upgraded brand name mechanical keyboards in stock to fit every need - gamers, coders, and more!

Our Services

From tear downs, desoldering, replacing switches, repairs, or simply lubing and servicing - we can provide any service your mechanical keyboard may need. Send us your keyboard, and we can upgrade it!

Parts & Supplies

From cases to pcb's, we stock it all in Houston, TX. Our stock is generally used for our own services, but they are also available to the public if you prefer to do your own work. Our stock changes rapidly, so don't wait if you see something you want.

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