Upgrade Keyboard Services

Switch Upgrades

Switches are one of the most important items and the bridge between you and the input on your computer.

Did your ideal keyboard come with clicky switches, and you just want to quiet it down?

Do those linear switches leave you wanting more tactile feedback from your current switch?

Upgrade Keyboards can tackle the task of changing all, part, or just a few of the switches you need.

We carry the top manufacturers of mechanical keyboard switches, and try to keep stock of as much as possible, even the hard to find switches!

Hot Swap Upgrades

Tired of having to desolder your PCB every time you want to change switches?

Want to mix and match switches to suit your needs?

A hot swap upgrade is the perfect solution!

We can add in hot swap sockets to all, some, or even just a few switches (dependent upon your PCB) to give you the ability to change switches on the fly, without even unplugging your keyboard.

Stabilizer Upgrades

Tired of the rattling enter key yet? The most common cause is cheap stabilizers.

The majority of manufacturers use a generic stabilizer that is loose, dry plastic and metal. It detracts from the keyboard in both sound, and feel. 

Let Upgrade Keyboards replace those standard stabilizers with something that will leave your fingers and ears a lot happier.


It happens. Whether it was a mistake when trying to upgrade your keyboard, or a spill while gaming, something might happen one day to ‘ruin’ your keyboard.

Don’t throw it away just yet!

Most times, the damage is something that can be reversed or permanently repaired. Let us take a look, and chances are, we can get your keyboard back to typing or gaming in no time for far less than the cost of replacing it.

Case Swaps, Color Changes

Sometimes, we all just get tired of looking at the same thing. It’s time for a change in your life. (psst – a new keyboard is cheaper than a new Corvette. We’re just sayin)

Have something in mind? Let us know what it is. We can do professional paint finishes on your existing case, or simply swap out the case, plate, and other elements to give you a new look, feel, and tone. 

Custom Builds

If you have joined a group buy but don’t have the faintest idea where to start on putting things together – we can help. 

Our build service can supply the parts you need like stabilizers, switches, and foam – with your kit of choice. 

Sound Shaping

A lot of the typing experience revolves around the sound profile of your keyboard. A clunky and rattly keyboard is not going to bring pleasure to your fingers, much less your ears.

Upgrade Keyboards can tune your keyboard for the ultimate thock, clack, or click – whatever you prefer. Whether that is creating custom silicone molds of the interior of your case, or simply adding a bit of foam – there is no job too large or small.

Would you like us to change out your switches?

Would you like to add hot swap sockets to your keyboard?

Would you like to upgrade and mod your stabilizers?

Would you like to change your keyboards case color?

Let Us Upgrade Your Current Keyboard

Not everyone has the budget for a brand new keyboard. Maybe you have a keyboard that you have strong feelings about and don't want to replace it (weird, but... we get it)

That is why our BYOK service exists. We take your keyboard, and make it BETTER. (seriously - a LOT better) Nothing highlights our services better than showing our customer a keyboard that they are familiar with, and then showing them what it SHOULD be like after we upgrade it.

Let Upgrade Keyboards show you what your current mechanical keyboard can truly be. We have a wide range of options for every mechanical keyboard on the market.

Tell us a little about what you would like to do, and what type of board you have, and we can give you a quote on the work you would like done. Then, you simply ship us your keyboard, we upgrade it, and send it right back to you!


PLEASE NOTE: Excessively dirty keyboards will have to undergo cleaning before service work, which will incur additional fees. If you believe your keyboard is questionable - contact us with images before sending your keyboard to us.

Artisan Hand Built

Buy a fully custom built keyboard and forget all of the sacrifices you've made with other brand names. Our expert craftsman build it by hand, right here in Texas, and do it exactly the way you want it. More keyboard sizes added all the time, so check back often!

Upgraded Brand Names

If you prefer something a little less customized, but still want to aim for perfection, then shop our upgraded mechanical keyboards. We keep a wide selection of prebuilt and upgraded brand name mechanical keyboards in stock to fit every need - gamers, coders, and more!

Our Services

From tear downs, desoldering, replacing switches, repairs, or simply lubing and servicing - we can provide any service your mechanical keyboard may need. Send us your keyboard, and we can upgrade it!

Parts & Supplies

From cases to pcb's, we stock it all in Houston, TX. Our stock is generally used for our own services, but they are also available to the public if you prefer to do your own work. Our stock changes rapidly, so don't wait if you see something you want.

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