Upgrade Keyboards Compact 60 Switch Lubing Station


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We lube a LOT of switches here at Upgrade Keyboards. So we always strive to find the best workflow to streamline our process as much as possible – we aim for perfection, not just ‘good enough’.

When we sat out to make our lubing station, we analyzed a lot of trends in the market. Most are all cut the same, and waste the same amount of space on stem and spring holding that most don’t use… and made out of cheap and thin acrylics, or stacked and glued versions that look and feel cheap.

So we did what we do here – we made it better. 🙂

Introducing the Upgrade Keyboards Compact Lubing Station. We waste no space with stem slots, springs, or other unnecessary space wasters. We wanted it to be rock solid so it would never bend or warp as you snap enclosures into place to put tops back on – so we cut it out of thick acrylic – this also keeps the pins safe and protected so they wont get bent or misaligned while you shift the lubing station around.

We paired this slab of acrylic with crystal clear bumpons to allow some choice with your setup. You can angle it towards you to see things a little easier, or lay it completely flat. Some people like the lifted stations – so we included that too! Each station comes with enough tiny bumpons to sit it flat, and 4 x 1/2″ tall bumpons to stilt your lubing station up for extra clearance.

One of our other big complaints with some lubing stations was the loose fit switches had – if you bumped the lubing station, we didn’t want enclosures flying out. So each cut is a precise fit – you can turn the station upside down and none of the switches will come out. But – that doesn’t mean it is tough to remove them. They pop free by just grabbing the stem and pulling up, or pop them free from the back.

To Finish it off, we cut the top right corner for your basic tools needed while lubing and filming – and they work great with our own lube brushes, stem picker, and 2ml vials of lube! (tools, switches, and lube not included and are all sold separately)

  • Lubing Station holds 60 switches
  • Sized to resemble the average 60% keyboard
  • Cut from crystal clear thick (10-11mm) acrylic
  • Includes 6 x 2mm bumpons and 4 x 14mm conical bumpons – all made by 3m – choose how you would like to install them!
  • Comes shipped in protective masking to keep from scratches during shipping – but minor scratching can happen.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 1 in


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