Mechanical keyboards, hand built to perfection.

Our artisan hand built and upgraded mechanical keyboards are created for those who want something better than an off the shelf solution. Whether you are looking to increase your typing speeds… up your score… or even streamline your workflow – all of our keyboards are built or upgraded by hand for those who demand the best. We offer new custom built mechanical keyboards, upgrades to your existing model, keyboard parts and supplies, as well as repairs and service for any mechanical keyboard on the market.

No more Band-Aids.

Looking for a a better way to pad your stabilizers than cutting up Band-Aids and sticking them all over your new mechanical keyboard’s PCB? We came up with a better solution. Our Stab Pads are a custom  hybrid built for all types of stabilizers. More convenient, better sounds, and better feel. Peel. Stick. Done.

Artisan Hand Built

Buy a fully custom built keyboard and forget all of the sacrifices you've made with other brand names. Our expert craftsman build it by hand, right here in Texas, and do it exactly the way you want it. More keyboard sizes added all the time, so check back often!

Upgraded Brand Names

If you prefer something a little less customized, but still want to aim for perfection, then shop our upgraded mechanical keyboards. We keep a wide selection of prebuilt and upgraded brand name mechanical keyboards in stock to fit every need - gamers, coders, and more!

Our Services

From tear downs, desoldering, replacing switches, repairs, or simply lubing and servicing - we can provide any service your mechanical keyboard may need. Send us your keyboard, and we can upgrade it!

Parts & Supplies

From cases to pcb's, we stock it all in Houston, TX. Our stock is generally used for our own services, but they are also available to the public if you prefer to do your own work. Our stock changes rapidly, so don't wait if you see something you want.

Stop waiting months.

All mechanical keyboard hobbyists know the routine: search, find, buy, then sit and wait for your purchase to show up 6 months later.

All of our products are shipped straight to you from Houston, TX. No pre-orders. No waiting. Orders placed before 3pm can ship the same day. We even have local pickup in Houston, TX!

Featured Build: CA66

Inspired by an old IBM keyboard, “PCjr”. Built by hand with Zeal Zilent switches, a brass plate, and more. This rare keyboard can be yours today.

Mac’s ❤ Mechanical Keyboards

Every computer deserves a mechanical keyboard, and Apple’s Mac is no exception. This Ducky + Varmilo 65% was built exclusively for the Mac.

Time to Change Things up?

Upgrade Keyboards can take your current keyboard from run of the mill, to extraordinary. Change the switches, stabilizers, even the color! 

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