BT60 – 60% Wireless Hotswap Tray Mount PCB


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Upgrade Keyboards has worked hand in hand with Polarity Works in designing and testing the initial prototype release of the BT60 – and we absolutely love it. It just plain works! Unplug your keyboard and live wirelessly!

The BT60, a simple, functional, hotswap wireless 60% that drops into most cases. The BT60 focuses on a polished experience rather than every bell and whistle. The Nordic Semiconductor BLE module
delivers high performance and excellent range even in metal cases, and in conjunction with ZMK, it delivers the functionality to match.

This PCB has been specifically designed to maximize wireless connectivity and allowing that signal to get outside of your chosen case without issues. By doing this, we see better range, and battery life over the pcb’s that keep repeating the same mistakes that have kept wireless pcb’s out of enthusiast boards for years (trapping the signal inside of an aluminum case)!

Zephyr’s energy optimization delivers fantastic battery life, over a month with the included battery with a 3hr charge time from a standard USB port. With an easy to use UF2 bootloader making changes is as simple as drag and drop, no DFU drivers, no programming software, just double-tap reset or use the bootloader keycode and it pops up as a thumb drive. If you wish to make customizations ZMK’s module-centric design lets you make changes without installing build environments or screwing around with path variables. Just clone our public ZMK-config GitHub repository in the layout branch of your choice, make your changes, push to build it in the cloud with GitHub actions and download the UF2 directly to your keyboard! If you really wanted to you could do it on your phone!

As a drop-in replacement for any DZ60/GH60 footprint PCB, it’s an easy and inexpensive upgrade to free yourself from wires for weeks at a time.

Battery & PCB Confirmed to fit and work with:


  • Bluetooth connectivity (Works in metal cases!)
  • Compatible with BT4 or BT5 with BLE
  • Connect to up to 5 devices
  • Weeks of battery life (1200mAh battery included)
  • Fits into most 60% cases
  • Standard ANSI layout
  • Solder pads for optional split back space
  • Kailh hotswap sockets
  • USB C
  • USB pins broken out

For best performance make sure the plate you are using has extra cutouts in the spacebar area, we recommend using a universal plate. POM, PC, and other non metal plates see little to no affect on signal.

Options with plate foam include our own collaboration with StupidFish for custom cut EVA foam made specifically for the BT60. Plate foams come in 3mm or 4mm thicknesses. Choose the 3mm if you like a looser fit that may allow for more flexibility (for setups that have or want a bouncier feel) or 4mm if you prefer maximum sound absorption.

The included battery dimensions are 4x30x80mm. Please ensure your case has at least 5.5mm clearance between the case and the bottom of the PCB.

A BT60 Guide for initial setup, configuration, and basic troubleshooting can be downloaded here.

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Additional information

Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4.5 × 1 in

PCB Only, PCB & 3mm Plate Foam, PCB & 4mm Plate Foam

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