Upgrade Keyboards 2x3x4 Thin Crystal LED Lighting – 100 pack


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We set out to 1) make a great LED light, and 2) make it work with as much as possible! We designed our lights to trim as much of the excess away from a standard 2x3x4 LED as we could, shaving mere tenths of a mm off a few places. This allows for even greater compatibility with clearing under switches or under keycaps! Each pack comes with 100 LEDs.

For switches that do not allow through switch LED such as Kailh Box switches, and NK Box Jades and Navys, our 2x3x4 LED will tuck neatly underneath your switch and clear any clickbars or other obstacles. Simply make sure they are lined up straight, and solder into place!

For through switch – we have trimmed as much as possible from the height while still maintaining the standard. While .1mm doesn’t seem like much, it can sometimes mean the difference between staying out of the way of your keycaps, and sticking out too far and hitting.

We cannot guarantee fitment – but we have yet to run into a set of caps or switches that these LEDs will not work with. If 1.8mm LEDs just aren’t bright enough for you – give our Crystal LED a try!

Ours are on the left… the average competition that is available on some big box online stores with names that rhyme with schmemazon is on the right

Our LEDs come in a range of super bright and vivid colors. The water clear casing refracts light and allows some light to be reflected downwards, where you ultimately want the light anyway.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .1 in

White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, UV (purple), Yellow


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